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Tell me about your wine cellar and I’ll tell you who you are…


A wine cellar is a (very) personal place. Sometimes even secret.
The choice of equipment, its spatial arrangement, the organization and presentation of the bottles… often reflect the personality of the amateur.
Whether the wine cellar has long been nourished by rich bottles or whether it is recent and in the making, its “master” is committed to building, preserving and expressing its oenological heritage as best as possible: the collection it has collected and enriched year after year.




There are many options to create your Wine Cellar. Over time, this wine library will become so unique and personal.



A custom-made wine cellar
(to its measure)

Organize your collection by wine region, by vintage, by gathering the most precious bottles, according to the apogee of the wines (ideal period of tasting), by food and wine pairing… the options are multiple to create your Wine Cellar. Over time, this wine library will become so unique and personal that its “reading” will be increasingly rich in discoveries and – above all – in festive sharing.





Some layout rules

Retained by major collectors or professionals (restaurateurs, winegrowers, etc.):
. Robustness of the furniture: the long-term use and possible intensive use of the furniture places a high demand on the equipment due to the weight and movements of the bottles;
. Storage security: stability of the assembly, each compartment, each bottle;
. Harmonious and “welcoming” aesthetics;
. Integrated or island tasting counters;
. Direct visualization and signage of the entire collection;
. Possible extension of the installation from the same construction system;
. Choice of materials used according to the location (natural wine cellar or cellar with controlled temperature and humidity conditions);
. Storage of different bottle formats….


Configure your Wine Cellar