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Oxygen is a central “Character” in the Life of Wine.
At L’Atelier du Vin, we recommend that wine be gently aerated before it is tasted; such that the wine is progressively exposed to the oxygen in the air.
Doing so, allows the most volatile aromatic molecules to be fully expressed and removes the risk of their being lost. Our range of Aeration Tools are essential to the preparation of any wine tasting: glass by glass or in a carafe, according to the age and the fragility of the aromas…



Developer Universel

Everyone can finally aerate their wine, “on request” and according to their taste: individually on their glass or in a decanter.
Indeed, depending on the way it is conducted, the aeration of a wine significantly modifies our olfactory and gustatory perceptions.
Thus, a wine tasted young – especially powerful reds – may require “renewed” aeration to “round off” its tannins and make it pleasant in the mouth but leaving it “on the fruit”.